Commitment to Excellence

Tudor Oaks Farm

Tudor Oaks Farm, a turn of the century English Tudor estate with 140 acres of rolling green pastures, was created by owner Richard J Stephenson of Barrington Hills, Illinois, who envisioned a world class equestrian center dedicated to excellence in classical equestrian disciplines.

The training program at Tudor Oaks Farm includes students and horses across all ages, levels and multiple disciplines. The primary competitive focus is Eventing, also known as the triathlon of the horse sports, encompassing competition in dressage, cross country and show jumping. Additionally, the training philosophy includes a strong belief in cross training through multiple disciplines including hunters, equitation, jumpers and dressage.

Tudor Oaks produces a small group of young sport horse prospects for sale each year, and the trainers, grooms and riders pride themselves on equipping every young horse with a solid foundation both under saddle and in the barn.

A more recent addition to the training program includes a competitive carriage driving branch, offering lessons in both pleasure and combined driving, and specialized training of the horses for this growing sport.

In addition, Tudor Oaks Farm serves as home to a select breeding herd of World-famous Austrian Haflinger horses, imported from the Tirolian Alps, and renowned as an exceptional small sport horse ideal for amateurs and children alike.


Providing the Midwest with World Class Training and Instruction

This beautiful farm is centered in the equestrian community of Barrington Hills, Illinois, just a short drive from Chicago. Tudor Oaks Farm’s service to the equestrian community has focused over the past two decades on providing riders and horse owners with training and instructional services of the highest quality.

Technical instruction for a select group of beginner through advanced riders is the cornerstone of the Tudor Oaks Farm mission. Under the tutelage of Manager/Trainer Jennifer Rousseau, USEA Certified Level III instructor, USHJA Certified Trainer, Canadian Pony Club graduate A, and founder of Technique Classique Training, the classical method is taught on the base of the modern American position, producing excellent riders through the advanced levels in the sporting disciplines.

To that end, Team Tudor Oaks and Technique Classique Training uphold the highest possible standard of sportsmanship and horsemanship in the pursuit of excellence, at competition venues locally, nationally and globally. Exquisite attention is dedicated to the design and execution of individualized, goal-oriented, systematic programs of development for every horse and every rider.

This goal oriented, detail driven approach for which Team Tudor Oaks and Technique Classique Training are known generate a proven system for training horses and riders, which has delivered consistently excellent results in local, National and International competitions. Most notably, recent Team Tudor Oaks successes include:


A systematic training philosophy proven to produce winners

This same “Commitment to Excellence” has carried through to the expansion of the operation to include top quality Sport Horses for the classic disciplines. Recently, a select number of high quality sport horses, warmbloods both domestic and imported, as well as thoroughbreds, have been added to the group to provide well schooled competitive mounts for a broad range of equestrian interests.

Under the direction of trainer Jennifer Howlett-Rousseau, these young horses are well-prepared for the show ring using the classical method combined with North American style to produce sane, rideable, happy, sound mounts suitable for children, amateurs and professionals alike. The horses are developed with love and understanding, without quick fixes, gadgets or gimmicks. As a result, they become successful, confident competitors capable of a variety of disciplines.

Tudor Oaks Farm


A natural extension of the classical training program

The same high standard of instruction, training and horsemanship has been extended to a small but growing group of carriage driving enthusiasts. Resident driving expert Timothy Palloni heads up the program which encompasses both popular carriage driving competitive disciplines: Pleasure Driving and Combined Driving.


The World’s Finest Family Horse

With excellence as its standard, Tudor Oaks Farm is World-renowned for breeding the best quality Austrian Haflinger horses in the world, with an eye for athleticism and superior conformational attributes. Since its inception, Tudor Oaks Farm Haflingers have been successfully shown in all types of competitions, in the classical disciplines of ridden dressage and jumping, as well as in combined driving and pleasure driving events, under the careful supervision of internationally recognized trainers. Tudor Oaks Haflingers have consistently dominated in competitions against all breeds of horses, winning the highest honors in Dressage, Hunter/Jumper, Eventing, Pleasure Driving and Combined Driving. In every type of event and venue, Tudor Oaks Farm Haflingers are making a favorable impression in the highly competitive family sport horse market. By breeding the modern Haflinger, averaging 14 to 15 hands, with athletic conformation and elegant movement, Tudor Oaks Farm is well-established as the leader in Haflinger breeding Worldwide.


Emphasis on integrated teamwork between students, owners, management and staff

The success of Tudor Oaks Farm is a testament and tribute to the hard work, integrity and "Commitment to Excellence" which is shared by the extremely talented team of coaches, trainers, riders, managers and grooms who have been assembled at this remarkable facility. However, the level of success is equally dependent on the team spirit and synergistic working relationship that is developed with each horse, customer, owner, rider and student; all equal members of what we proudly refer to as Team Tudor Oaks.

Tudor Oaks Farm